366 Days

World War II was the single most devastating and horrific event in the history of the world, causing the death of some 70 million people, reshaping the political map of three-quarters of a century since its end, and ushering a new era of world history. Every day the Daily Chronicles of World War II  brings you a news story from the annals of World War II with a vision to preserve the memory of those who suffered in the greatest military conflict the world has ever seen.

Modeled on a fictitious newspaper, the Today tab of The Daily Chronicles of World War II presents a single news article on the anniversary of the date you visited the website or clicked the tab. What this means for our visitors is that the content of the website changes daily as we probe the intricate details of the events of World War II date by date.

On the 366 Days tab, we have gathered 366 new headlines and associated articles that span different years and cover every theater of the global conflict. The articles are organized by month. Click any one of the months displayed below to bring up an article concerning the event or series of events that took place on that date for that month. To exit the 366 Days tab, press the return arrow at the top of the webpage.