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The following information details our Privacy Policy along with the Terms and Conditions on which you are welcome to use our website. We also explain our policies and procedures pertaining to copyright laws for materials used and presented on our site. By using this website, you expressly acknowledge that you do so on the terms and conditions as outlined below, and you further acknowledge that we have the right to change these terms, conditions, policies, and procedures at any time by posting them on this page.

What Information Do We Collect from You and How Is It Used?

We only collect information from you when you intentionally register on our site, fill out a form, send us an email, or respond to a survey. You may be asked to enter your name and/or email address, but doing so is always optional. You are always free to use our site anonymously. When sending emails from our site, we only send to people who have intentionally “opted-in” to an email newsletter subscription or have intentionally asked to hear from us. Any email originating from us will provide an opportunity for you to “opt-out” if you decide not to continue receiving emails from us. We do not under any circumstance share any personally identifiable information with any third party for any purpose.

What About Information Entered that Pertains to a Purchase Made on This Website?

We do not have access to ANY of the information that you enter in regards to any purchase you make on our site. All purchase transactions are completed at Amazon.com using their security and credit card entry systems. They do not share any of your personal information with us.

What Role Does This Website Play in the Sale of Products and Merchandise?

World War II Day by Day is a member of the Amazon Associates Program. As Amazon Associates we earn commissions for merchandise you purchase through links on our website. We present our readers with product information, pricing data, and other information that we receive directly from Amazon. We provide no express or implied warranty as to the accuracy or timeliness of such information, nor do we warrant that any particular item is in stock or available for shipment at the price shown. Our information is deemed to be reliable as of the date and the time shown in each listing, but it is subject to change without notice. Any purchase on our site is a contract between the purchaser and Amazon.com. World War II Day by Day is not a party to such contract.

What Are the Sources for the Information and Data Presented on This Website?

Information presented on our site, in the various articles and pages, is collected from numerous sources through careful research and study. The information is deemed to be reliable and correct, but it is not necessarily warranted to be so.

What About Copyrights, Trademarks, and Trade Names?

World War II Day by Day and The Daily Chronicles of World War II are trade names of Norm Haskett Designs, LLC. The Daily Chronicles of World War II is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. Information and media presented on this site from other sources are, whenever possible, attributed to the owner, and this website claims no intellectual property rights therein. All product information and the distinctive amazon.com logo and trademark are the sole property of Amazon.com, Inc. This website is powered by WordPress, runs under the Gazette Theme by woothemes.com, and some of the software is used under a GNU general public license. Some of the photos, maps, and graphics used on our site were produced by the United States military. Images or files produced by a federal employee, such as a United States airman, seaman, or soldier, that are taken or made during the course of that person’s official duties are a work of the United States federal government, and such images or files, unless classified, are in the public domain. Embedded videos are courtesy of youtube.com unless otherwise stated. Pictures, graphics, photos, maps, sound files, and other media are believed to be in the public domain unless otherwise stated. We do not knowingly or intentionally violate copyrights and, upon notification, we will gladly remove from our site any materials that constitute an improper use under United States Copyright Law. Website hosting is by GoDaddy.com.